Sunday, May 10, 2009

My baby bump

So Jen here's what you asked for, just keep in mind Prestin was taking my picture. The scary thing is I still have two and a half months left to go and I'm soooo huge! I'm fully expecting a 10 lb. baby this time, PRAY FOR ME!!!lol. So anyways I'm sure you are all so sick of my cupcake obsession by now, but it's my blog so there! I found these adorable cupcake items at Baby's R Us, actually Ash found this first one. This sweet Boppy cover
These are little p.j. sets, also notice the adorable polka dot box! Seriously, does it get any better?
And this cute little plaque I found on Etsy, by the way this is not what we're naming the baby.
Having little girls is so much fun(to buy for)!


  1. Super cute! I'm so excited for her to come! Have you picked a name yet?

  2. Yes, we have, well we're 99% sure for the first name and still deciding about the middle name. We're keeping it quiet for now so that we don't tell everyone the name and then at the last minute decide on a different one. Although, I think Madi has spilled the beans a few times.

  3. LOVE the baby belly. And that is not huge at all. You look sooooo beautiful.
    I was thinking Jennifer Dawn is a nice name for the little one??? HA!
    I am seriously ready for our "get out night". Too much hospital time is still in my blood. Ugh.
    Oh my goodness, you should see the cute new dresses at Childrens Place. They have THE cutest dress for infants (won't fit my girls) that is a cupcake dress and says...My Little Cupcake is the Best. Its so adorable.
    I love you.


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