Friday, August 2, 2013


Hey it's Friday! ( I can't keep up with my days anymore) That means I'm linking up with Jeannett today!

life rearranged

We celebrated Sadie's birthday, she turned four.  Here are the gifts waiting for the Birthday Girl!  Can you believe I found that sweet  happy birthday cake plate at Goodwill!

Tatum wanted to make her cake so she asked what Sadie wanted.  Sadie said "I want a heart shaped cake with yellow cake inside and chocolate frosting, with flowers and sprinkles and a picture of me on it".  I think Tatum pulled it off pretty well!  And Sadie was so excited and said she loved it:)  Tatum felt pretty proud about that...melted my heart.

Sadie could not wait until Daddy got home so we could eat it.  This is her waiting patiently, I even caught a glimpse of her kissing the cake plate:)

Our first little crop of peas!

My hollyhock finally bloomed...gorgeous!

My sister and her husband came into town and spent the week with us.  I love sister time:)

Lots of crafting happened while she was here.  We worked on some Christmas ornaments and presents and I did a few pages in my Smash book.

Of course what kind of hostess would I be if we didn't hit up a few vintage shops while she was here?  I scored this beautiful tablecloth!

One of our chickens turned out to be a rooster, Ruby was now Rubio, and we cannot have a rooster where we live.  So when he started crowing last week at five in the morning I started to get ulcers thinking I was going to have an angry mob of neighbors at my door.  I tried to give him away but nobody wanted him.  Finally yesterday was the last straw after he crowed over and over every few minutes.  I decided I was going to put on my big girl pants and attempt to end this rooster's life, even though I was so sad because I raised him from a baby and have never killed anything bigger than a spider.  So I went to YouTube, cause that's where you go if you want to learn anything right?  I cried the whole time!  I couldn't do it.  I finally remembered a lady that I knew had a farm and called her up and she came right away! Thank you Lord!  I felt so relieved, he now has a good home where he can crow to his heart's content and I am very happy with my five hens and lack of ulcers:)


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