Friday, March 1, 2013

Hey All!

We're still alive and kicking, (wow I really need to update my header) we've been taking some time to just "be".  At the end of December we found out that Russia had banned all American adoptions.  I think I was in a fog for the next couple weeks.  Every day there was new information, and each hour could change from good to bad and then back to good again.  It's been lots of ups and downs, but we are still holding on to a small ray of hope that might allow us to continue.  Hoping to hear something soon.

 (I just realized that we hit two years on February 23rd that we've been trying to get Sergey home...crazy!)

So in the meantime what does one do while waiting to hear the outcome of their adoption?  Well most importantly you pray of course:)  But the rest of the time you eat EVERY piece of chocolate in a five mile radius, drink at least three cups of coffee a day, repaint your kitchen (yes again) and purge your house of anything you have not used in a year.  The mess in my office looked like an episode from Hoarders!!  I've been to Goodwill twice this week to donate a van load of stuff and I am deep cleaning and organizing everything.

  I'm finally hanging some things on the walls, it's only taken me six years to do it! You can see the the new paint color, it's a lot darker.  It's called Schoolhouse Slate by Martha Stewart.  It's a greenish, bluish, charcoal color.

A new clock...a Goodwill buy, before the purge:)

I worked on organizing my cabinet in the living room this past weekend and used things that I have bought
and loved but were piled under stuff in the office.  It makes me smile that I can see it all now.   A little happiness in this time of uncertainty.  Hey I'll take all the joy I can get and probably a little more chocolate too.

So anywhoooo we're doing good in spite of it all.  We appreciate all of you that continue to pray for us and ask us how things are going.  We completely trust Him with the outcome.


  1. Love you guys so much! Glad you can find joy in the little things!

  2. love the decorating...which you knew already.


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