Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chipping away

We have been missing in action for a while, my sister and her husband were in town for a couple weeks so we were busy with the fam.  While they were here we got an unexpected surprise that some friends of theirs had a beach house on Camano Island that was available, so they offered it to all of us this past weekend!  It was such a blast!  Unfortunately, I packed everything but the camera...grrr!  But take my word for it that it was an amazing time.  In between visiting family I have been tackling the last bit of our court documents like a mad woman!  I have almost all of it done, everything has been pretty easy to get accept for one document.  Our mortgage verification statement it has been a thorn in my side.  Seriously people the paperwork we need for court is so crazy!  We have a document for confirmation of home address from our county accessor, our statutory warranty deed from when we signed for our home, our 30+ page homestudy with pictures of our home inside and out and a statement of living conditions from our social worker verifying the square footage, number of rooms and so on with our address clearly stated on the document.  And these documents are just for our home!  Oh and did I mention they all need to be in duplicate?  The mortgage verification statement is just a letter from our mortgage company stating the property address and description, that we are indeed the owners, that we have been paying on the property for a certain period of time and are in good standing.  That's all it basically needs to say, BUT they have been unwilling to help.  The supervisor said they are unable to write such a letter or have it notarized, which everything needs to be notarized:/  So we pray, that's honestly all we can do.  We literally could get travel dates any day now and these documents need to be apostilled and sent to Sergey's country 10 days prior to our court date.  We don't have a lot of time and I hit 28 weeks on Friday...yikes!!!  So anywho prayer from y'all would be wonderful!  Please pray for that one person at GMAC mortgage who will understand our situation and come through for us.  Please also pray for Sergey's family as they are being asked to sign away their rights so that Sergey may be adopted.  I don't know his families situation but I can't imagine that this would be an easy time for any family.  Please pray that they will be at peace knowing he is going to be with a family who already loves him like their own and will give him everything he needs.  We are hoping to hear an update very soon, but just in case you don't hear from us for a little while just know we are chipping away at paperwork. This is a perfect picture of what it looks like around here while we're working on paperwork, Ash with two computers on his lap and kids climbing all over him:)  I take up the other side of the couch with two cushions covered in paperwork.  Some day this will be a distant memory and the computers and documents on our laps will be replaced with sweet Sergey...I can't wait!!!!!

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  1. My dear daughter, I am sooo proud of you and how God is using you in this journey to bring Sergey home to you and our family! I love you and know that I am praying for all the details to worked out smooth and quickly.


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