Thursday, March 22, 2012

Today I bought this!  I can't wait to make everything in it!

I am inspired to do something like this on my kitchen wall.

These prints have caught my eye.

That last one makes me laugh!  HA!
So just some ideas for now, but of course I can't decide.  Which ones do you like?
It would be for this wall.
And yes my wall still looks like that, but not for long.  My sister is coming up in a month so that means projects will get done!


  1. all of them! Makes me want to brighten up my kitchen SO bad!! :)

  2. I love them all too!!! So fun! DO IT!!!!!! And yes, I would love to have you try out some of your new recipes on me :) HA!

  3. I thiiiink...
    1) Good Morning, Sunshine!
    2) Om nom nom
    3) Be ________ Today (maybe make the portion something you can fill in?)
    4) And bird prints!

  4. buy them all!! last one though if i was really pushed xxxx


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