Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Strike a pose

This is what I deal with on a daily basis, climbing. She is our one and only climber and she is constantly up and down these chairs. She has fallen off twice this week and still hasn't learned her lesson. How do I make her stop, I feel I have tried everything. So when I caught her again today she looked at me with a naughty grin and I took a picture instead of my usual "no, no Sadie Lynn!" Then she started to strike a pose so we had a little photo shoot.Such a ham.
This pic is blurry but she is seriously posing, no coercing from me at all.

Her hair is always in her eyes, she won't wear a barrette longer than 10 seconds. Ash calls her his Shaggy little sheep dog, but I will be taking care of that on Friday:)

One of my favorite pics this week, Tatum and Sadie doing homework together.


  1. Looks like she's on her high chair that is on the chair. Have you tried buckling her into the high chair each time telling her that you are so pleased she wants to sit at the table? Then leave her there for a while. Another thing that helped us was getting a small climber that we kept indoors because all of our kids are climbers and it seems with each one it gets more extreme. Another idea is stacking pillows or couch cushions in the middle of a room and letting her crawl up and over.

  2. she freaks me out standing up there :) love the photo shoot :)

  3. Berry Girl, thanks for the advice:) It is actually a high chair and she wasn't even in the high chair to begin with she climbed into it from the dining chair. So I'm not really worried about her when she's in the high chair she can't get out of that when the tray is pushed in, it's my regular dining chairs that concern me. I will try the pillow idea though, thanks!

  4. All 3 of my kids are MAJOR climbers...I can't keep them off or out of anything. hannah climbs the poles on our refridgerator and unlocks the latches at the top to open it....that I thought I put on to keep the kids OUT and from taking nibbles out of all the produce. LOL Nothing I've tried works, either...and this week, I even discovered that Ryan (at 13 months) knows how to take the outlet covers OUT of the outlet....even I have trouble getting them out. ha ha


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