Thursday, September 24, 2009


So in the eight years that I have been a mother I thought I had experienced it all by way of bodily fluids. I was soooooooooooo wrong........

Yes that is poop sprayed all over my walls and floor! Sweet little Sadie had not gone number 2 since Friday, so last night I gave her half a dropper full of prune juice to get things flowing. As I held her, cradling her little bum in my hand she let out a huge grunt and poop squirted out the side of her diaper. And I'm talking full force super soaker blast! This girl has given me a run for my money regarding poop stories. It's all cleaned up now and things smell fresh again. Ahh, never a dull moment in this house. And just now Ainsley has informed me that she is stinky, yay:(


  1. So, what did Danielle look like? "If Sadie were a little bird sitting in a tree, I would not want to be the one sitting under that tree." A little poem for Sadie. Grandpa Rick says "don't give that girl anymore prune juice". Love, Grandma Anna

  2. OH no! At least it was not an older child that used their poop to draw...when I nannied, I had a little girl who would take her diaper off during nap and smear hers all over her bed and the walls....NOT FUN!

  3. Maybe she's going to be an artist like her Great-Grandpa Caggiano or Auntie Erin. Ha! Ha! Too funny!
    Love You!
    Mom (Renee)


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