Thursday, September 17, 2009

Avery's Birthday

So our sweet little girl turned five on Monday. She wanted her haircut, so on her birthday I took her to get it done. I searched around for places that had prices for kid's cuts and after calling a few places found that I wasn't going to pay any less than $25.00. I'm sorry but for a child's haircut that just seemed outrageous to me so I found this cosmetology school that only charged five bucks! I was so excited(hey with six kids these types of things excite you) so we loaded up and went down there. It turned out so adorable and she absolutely loves it. She might be getting a slight ego as well, because she constantly wants to look in the mirror and she says she looks soooo cute! But all in all we'll let her have her moment to shine and then nip it in the butt if it gets out of hand,lol. So anyways she's super excited to be five, she's been telling everyone including Sadie.

She is loving Pre-K, she is learning a lot. For her birthday she got to bring in a special treat(cupcakes of course) and she was the "star of the day" which means you get to bring something for show and tell. My friend Kayla who works at the preschool snapped these pics of her(thanks Kayla).
Avery and her teacher Miss Amy

We just had a family party at home and had a pretty little cake for her.A sweet little party for a sweet little girl, Happy Birthday Baby doll! We love you!


  1. Avery's hair is sooooo adoreable!
    I can't wait to see the kids.
    Love You!
    Mom (Renee)

  2. I love her hair.. it's too cute and she was so excited to show me!

    It will also be much easier on you too - bonus!

  3. Sweet and Beautiful can't be beat! What a nice day for Avery! I showed the pic's of the kids, as they held Sadie, to my friend Karon, and she said you could just see the love in each pic.Love you all (Grandma Anna)


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