Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mommy and Me

Tatum had a "Mommy and Me" day at school, just like Prestin did last year. We made gingerbread houses, it had to be postponed until Jan.16th due to the snow before Christmas break. It was a fun day and Tatum was excited to have mommy there to see her classroom and her friends.Tatum turns six on February 10th, we're going to have a girls slumber party that weekend. And I'll take plenty of pics.

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  1. Hey there Beautiful!!! Love seeing these new Farley updates! Can't wait to see you in April! I promise we will have set dates soon. Just wanted to let you know that I have updated my Myspace page and photos so you can check it out. Miss you, but I'll see you soon. Tatum's present is getting shipped to you as of yesterday. Hope she lovs it! Here's my link!



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