Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Before and After

Hello, man two weeks can really fly by. Sorry so much time passes between each post, but really not a whole lot has been going on. These are the pics of Madi and Ainsley's room, there's still some things that need to be done but it's still cute either way.


The pictures make the room seem small and cramped but there is really quite a bit of space. I just got some bad angles. So anyways Ash was in California last week for some training through Dreyer's. Basically it was a class on how to teach a class. He got his certification to teach while he was down there, which is practically unheard of. Way to go Ash! After the guys at the office heard about it they were impressed and scheduled him to do a class next week in Oregon. So he'll be gone for two days, so that means we'll be eating cereal for dinner. I kind of slack when he goes out of town. So anyways a couple weeks ago we watched our friend's kids while they went out on a date. We had a total of eight kids that night and everyone was crazy so what better game to play than twister! I found out that Tatum is pretty flexible. And here's a cute pic of Ainsley giving Ash some kisses, by the way the curl has completely left her hair. I wanted it to stay so bad but she's still the cutest baby in the world.And a huge blessing, my friend Jennifer and her husband Lance brought their beautiful baby girls home last week and they are doing wonderful. Thank you for all your prayers! So I guess a lot has been going on, now you know why it takes me so long to write. Bye!

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  1. The rooms look great!!! Looks like the kids are growing like crazy. We miss you all alot, hoping to make it there sometime this year, preferrably when it is 110 here. Dont know if your dad told you but my daughter is having a baby. Her due date is Aug. 1st. Had her first pix of baby yesterday, still to soon to tell if boy or girl. Will keep you posted. Thanks as always for the update. Jamie


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