Friday, September 21, 2007

Unibrows and Crushes

Hey everyone, I know it's been a couple of days since I've written. I hope everyone is well! We miss you all a ton and hope this blog has been fun for everyone to visit. Thanks for the comments from some of you about the blog, it's the only way I know if anyone's reading it. We were thinking we would be coming home in October but that is looking pretty slim, since Ash has had a couple of guys leave Dreyer's. One guy quit which was a huge blessing and the other guy went on to pursue a career in which he has a degree in. So Ash will have to cover for them until he gets someone hired for their positions. Hopefully it won't be too long. So we are sorry that we won't be able to see you for a while. I'm also sorry that I won't be able to have some good Mexican food, they just don't have very good Mexican restaurants up here. I could make Mexican food better than some of these places and that's not saying much. Let's just say thank goodness Ash loves me for me and not my cooking. And I'm sorry I won't be able to see Tyler play football. We miss you Tyler!!!! So anyways, I've started my jewelry business up again, I'm having a party in a few weeks here at our house to get things going so please pray that everything goes well and that I get off to a good start. The kids are doing well, but Tatum had an accident the other day. She tripped over the dog and hit her forehead on the window sill right between the eyes. Poor thing, she looks like she has a unibrow, but she is one tough cookie I'll give her that. The picture doesn't do it justice, it's turned a deep red since I took this picture and it looks like one continuous eyebrow. It all happened in slow motion for me and she hit it so hard I thought for sure she was knocked out, but she got up a little teary eyed and basically shrugged it off. I know it had to hurt from the looks of it and she has a pretty nasty bump, which is still kind of tender to the touch, but she is doing just fine. She has always been a tough kid even when she was a baby and I'd take her to get her immunizations, she never cried. It always made those appointments a lot easier on mom that's for sure. And Prestin is doing really well in school, he loves it a lot. We think he might have a crush on a little girl named Theresita. You can see her in the first entry I wrote, she's the girl standing behind him in line on his first day of school. Everyday he comes home saying something about her. Like today I asked him if Theresita spoke English or Spanish, he said she spoke English, but he really liked it when she spoke Spanish. And he made it a point to tell me she had new earrings on today and that he liked them. They sit next to each other at their little table, so it could be that he just notices things, but it's so funny the way he get's when he talks about her. He always has the biggest smile on his face and his ears turn a little red. So that's pretty much what's going on in the life of the Farley's. Hopefully we'll get a little more exciting this week.

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