Monday, September 17, 2007

Sweetie pies

When we found out we were moving to Washington one of the things I was really excited about was having a garden, especially since everything grows so easily out here. Well I got my wish on Mother's Day, Ash and the kids took me to Home Depot to pick out a ton of new plants. I was really excited and now I have something beautiful I can see right out my kitchen window. There isn't a picture of my garden because there are a lot of weeds in it right now, so once I pull those I'll let you see it. But anyways I grew these sweetpeas from seeds and planted some in my garden and in this planter we have out back. Tatum wanted to help me plant them so I would dig the holes and she would put them in and pack the dirt around them. We would watch them get bigger and bigger and finally she looked out one day and saw that they had blooms on them. She came running up to me with the biggest smile and said that our sweetie pies had flowers on them. Isn't it funny what kids say sometimes? So this is Tatum with the sweetie pies she planted. Isn't she beautiful? She is getting so mature I have to remember that she's only four sometimes. She's definitely mommy's little helper and such a worry wart. She asks me if I locked the front and back doors when we leave and she's always making sure that everyone's safe. If one of the younger ones strays just a little she's after them like a mama bear after her cubs. She's funny but she's my little sweetie pie.

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