Thursday, August 9, 2012

Savoring the moments.

I've been working on some projects that I hope to show you soon, unfortunately as my due date draws nearer my motivation has been slowing down a bit and I'm not getting things done as fast as I would like.

 Baby boy is doing really well and growing...a lot!  Hopefully we'll be meeting him sooner rather than later, only nine more days until my due date.  I am trying to savor these last moments, although uncomfortable, of pregnancy.  Feeling him move inside me, thinking of what he'll look like, how much hair will he have and what color?...Will he look like me or Ash?  Taking in the last moments of preparation before he arrives.  It's an amazing thing to have a baby, such an incredible blessing to all of a sudden be holding this beautiful, fully formed human in your arms.

 Completely a miracle from God.   And oh, the automatic love you feel, it's indescribable!  We honestly can't wait and are jonesing to hold our little guy!  Until then I'm steadily working away at the rest of the projects that I want to get finished before he arrives and will post them as soon as they are done!  So keep checking back:)

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