Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thank you

I wanted to stop in and thank every one who has been praying for us and Sergey.  We got some really good news this week and we are so excited for what God is doing. He has been showing Himself to us in ways that have humbled us and grown our faith.  I have to admit that I haven't posted for a while because for one we had quite a few visitors throughout the holiday season but mostly because this has been a very hard time for me.  I have been in a situation where I have no control whatsoever (not like I ever really did).  I have had to totally cling to God.  And unfortunately I am unable to talk about all the details for the time being but what a huge testimony it will be of the loving and glorious God we serve!  I can't wait to share it all with you!  This week we are preparing to send out our dossier, this is a HUGE step!  If we are approved we will then get travel dates to see our son.  There are a total of three trips we must take until we are finally able to bring him home.  We continue to ask for prayer and I will try to be better about keeping you informed as much as I am able to.  God bless:)


  1. Still praying for you, Danielle! I know this has got to be the most trying time for you, dear friend. You actually have me thinking about adoption which is something I never considered before. You are an inspiration to so many! Keep your chin up!:) Lori

  2. I have been so anxious to see this post :) Keep them coming, and I am praying

  3. We are thrilled that you are able to move on to this next big step! We LOVE you and your family and we are excited to be able to walk this journey with you. I cannot wait to hug and cuddle your precious Sergy.

  4. Sooo excited for your family. I pray for your little guy often; as well as your family. I know how tough it was on my kiddos when things were "uncertain". Thankful that you are just leaning into Him.


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