Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feeling blessed.

I'd like to introduce you to my new friend Natalie and her family.

This lady has a beautiful heart for the Lord and for her family, and wants to use her blog for a greater purpose...to serve others. Love, love, love this lady's heart!  October is Down Syndrome Awareness month, so for the whole month she will be doing posts answering any questions you may have regarding Down syndrome.  She is also giving away a beautiful handmade hair accessory of your choice with a $25.00 donation on her blog.

So pretty!  All the proceeds will go to help get these three boys home to their mama's who are aching to hold them.
Sergey for us, Davis for the Jupin family and Isaac for the Kelley family.  So go visit Natalie's blog to see and learn about the beauty and blessing of Down syndrome and if you feel led please consider donating.  It would mean so much to me.  Thank you Natalie for being such a wonderful example of Christ's love by serving in such a selfless way.  We are so humbled by your compassion and willingness to go out of your way for complete strangers.  Many blessings to you:)

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