Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Avery turned 7!

In all the chaos of painting my kitchen and getting ready for a craft show I completely forgot to do a post for Avery's birthday:(  Her birthday was September 14th.

I think my husband said it beautifully...

"Today our beautiful little Avery turns 7!!!  She has such a servants heart.  Always wanting to help with whatever she can, whether it be with mommy in the kitchen or daddy pulling weeds...she even attempts to change Sadie's diapers!  As she puts it, "I just want to spend time together"...that my friends is a beautiful heart of helping that warms my heart and makes this world a better place, by showing the love of Christ through servants hands and a desire for fellowship."

We love you Avery Karis:)


  1. "I just want to spend time together." Goodness! That is just so lovely and telling of her heart, indeed. Plus, I really like her middle name...she's shining grace out of her being withouth even knowing it!

  2. Did Avery get her package yet? I am soooo excited to hear if she likes it!



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