Saturday, August 20, 2011

We must be doing something right.

We are in a battle for our sons life to put it lightly.  A few days ago we, as well as Jaime and Amy received news that the region we are all adopting from has now gone up to 4 trips and the cost has now moved up to $40,000.00+.  Oh and on top of that they are asking that there not be any more than 5 kids at home. Well I was assured by our agency that that is just a preference.  Lol, I mean seriously that's all I can do is laugh and throw my hands in the air and say God I give this all to you.  There is a spiritual warfare going on and I am encouraged that we are doing something right and are walking the path God has set before us because the enemy is fighting against us big time.  he does not want these children to be know why?  Because love is contagious!  Love a.k.a Jesus Christ will show people that these children have value and that someone wants them.  And they will start to question things.  I believe with my whole heart that God is using all these adoptions to plant seeds.  Whether it be in the judge's hearts, the country finally starting to see that these children have worth and can be apart of society or other people following these children's stories and gathering up the courage to start a journey of their own.  Either way love is spreading and you can't help but catch it.  From the beginning when we started this adoption we wanted first and foremost to glorify God and that is still our desire above all else.  To be obedient no matter the outcome.  I admit I am feeling beat down but not broken, and in no way am I giving up.  I just want to be honest throughout this process, to share the ups and downs.  Because when it's all said and done the ending will be so much sweeter and the joy overflowing when we look back and see how He carried us through it all.  Baby boy WE ARE COMING!!!


  1. yup, yup, yup!
    (head nodding, tears flowing!)
    love ya girl.

  2. Oh Danielle (and Amy & Jaime) I admire your dependence on God. I know there are times when we feel as though we are forced to be dependent but it truly is the sweetest place to be with our God.
    I am so frustrated and fumed by the sin that is keeping these little ones from all of you. Thank you (all of you) for including us on your journey, I feel a part of the battle with you. I will do what I can to spread awareness and tons of prayer to our almighty God who has complete control over this situation.
    So much love and many blessings,
    Natalie Falls

  3. Or it might be a SIGN that he's not your son!! Seriously. It's a little odd that you'd interpret BOTH 1) increased costs of adopting from your region and 2) increased $$ donations for your adoption as signs that adopting this particular kid is meant to be yours, ie no matter what happens you are secure in your worldview.

  4. Ha! ^ easy to be "bold" when it's anonymous ... we never thought of that (we bit-o-sarcasim) or it might be sign that (fill in the blank) ...
    Isaiah 55:8-9 NLT
    “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord.
    “And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so my ways are higher than your ways
    and my thoughts higher than your thoughts.
    ... we choose to believe that the "good work" that He began in us (through us) that He promised he would continue until Christ returns (Phil 1:6) is the adoption of who we believe, by the leading of the Holy Spirit, through prayer, fasting and the ever necessary stepping out in faith, to be Sergey ... signs to quit or persevere ... I know who I want on my team or don't ... Mr./Mrs. Anonymous ;)
    P.S. we feel led to adopt ... we will adopt whomever God leads us to ... even if it is not to be Sergey but we will not give up that easily :)
    Mr. BooFace

  5. I just wanted to say that I am sorry for what "anonymous" said, because that was very hurtful. But I also hope that he or she keeps checking in, because he/she needs to be amazed by what God is going to do!


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