Monday, December 20, 2010

Urgent Request

Hey everyone I just wanted to post this really quick. Ever Since I saw sweet little Cliff, these orphans have been very dear to my heart and I frequently check in on them to see if they have found a forever family yet. Through Reece's Rainbow I have found Adeye's blog and have been able to see the Lord work through many people who have chosen to adopt these sweet children! I don't have a huge following but I know God can use my tiny blog for His good. If nothing more than to help spread the word for an orphan who is on the verge of never being able to be adopted. This thirteen year old boy only has TWENTY days to find a family, after that he will never have the opportunity to be adopted again! Please join me in spreading the word, I encourage you to check out Adeye's blog for more information and please go to Reece's Rainbow and give to the Angel tree fund. There's still time!!! My children got together and gave all the money from their piggy banks to little Cliff, a whopping $12.00! They inspire me:) Merry Christmas!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this Danielle. I will be praying for this young boys adoption and I enjoyed visiting Adeye's blog.


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