Monday, August 24, 2009

In response to Ash's comment... NEED SLEEP!!!(and lightbulbs)lol So moving right along I know I've been a bad blogger, so sorry. I'm sure you're all anxious to see pics of Sadie but I have to update you on some other things that happened before she came. First, I feel incredibly bad for not doing a Father's Day post. I am married to the most wonderful man and truly my very best friend. He is the best daddy ever, God knew what He was doing when He gave Ash five daughters. My girls will always feel and know they are loved by their father, because he is constantly telling them, spending time with them, and telling them how beautiful they are. With Prestin(it's the same minus the beautiful part)being the only boy, he and Ash get to have a lot of time together one on one, which I know they both appreciate. Prestin has a lot of Ash's characteristics and qualities and I have no doubt that Prestin is going to be a great daddy some day because of Ash's example to him. I am grateful to God for giving me a wonderful gift such as Ash. So for Father's Day I wanted to do something special, I have had this idea in my head for awhile so I wanted to follow through with it. And it turned out really cute!It's now hanging in his office at work, I love how it turned out. Next on the list, we celebrated a very sweet little girl's second birthday. Ainsley had a little party at our house with some of her friends from the nursery at church. We had a cupcake theme, of course!

On July fourth we had a great time with Walter and Vil and their wonderful family we've been adopted in to.
Lighting fireworks

Madi was scared of the fireworks so she watched from inside.
Lighting left over firecrackers the next day.

Then a very important thing happened on July sixth, Tatum asked Jesus into her heart! I was so happy Ash was able to have the awesome honor of praying with her. And I was truly blessed to witness the event, as I listened to my husbands loving words and our precious little girls soft voice repeating them with tears in her eyes. I was humbled and grateful to God for this incredible blessing. I'll post pics of Sadie later right now she's calling me for her lunch, yikes!


  1. Just want to say "ditto" to your blog. Danielle is a wonderful wife and mom. Watching her be a mom as she switches gears from cleaning up milk to making an assembly line of sandwiches or bowls of cereal to putting the kids to bed. Sometimes we have to swat them and kiss them at the same time. I knew she was exhausted, but she never missed a beat. I'm impressed. She did everything with a spirit of patience and grace. From Anna)

  2. Bye the way, she did'nt swat them, that was just me reminiscing!(Anna)

  3. The "daddy" photo turned out amazing!! I love it! It's such a cute idea and so sleek looking!

    I love you!


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