Monday, November 3, 2008

Trunk or Treat

This year we did trunk or treat, which is basically where you give candy out from the trunk of your car. It was a lot of fun, because you got to visit with friends and could let the kids run around and know they're safe. I dressed up as a scarecrow, I painted my face and stuck straw in the pockets of my overalls. It was funny because a little girl came dressed as Dorothy and she made it a point to tell me that we were from the same movie. She was really cute. The kids are loaded with candy, with five kids the candy is just overflowing. We'll have candy to last until next Halloween. Thanks again Erin and Stephen for the amazing costumes the kids were stoked and they got tons of compliments. The costumes were handmade from a friend of Erin's(except for Prestin's). Prestin was a soldier, Tatum was a masquerade ballroom dancer, Avery was an angel, Madi was a tutu wearing bunny but would not keep the bunny ears on to make mommy happy, and Ainsley was a cat. Too cute!Our friend's daughter Faith was a duckIf anyone would like this recipe for Pumpkin popcorn balls let me know, they were yummy and really fun to make!

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  1. You all look so great! Your costume is so cute! The braids are my favorite! All of the costumes look so fun. I hope they get year round use in dress up, too. :) Your family pic is so good. I can't wait to see you scrap books.



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