Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall is here!

I wanted to catch you up on some of the pics we've taken in the last couple of weeks before the weather decided to get rainy. These first couple of pics are of our garden. We've been growing pumpkins, wildflowers and sunflowers, Avery planted the one she is standing by.This pumpkin has since turned bright orange and will be carved at a pumpkin carving party we're going to have on the 30th.Ash took this sweet picture of the girls.
And here's the kids playing out front.


  1. I LOVE IT!
    Those pumpkins are amazing and the sunflower...wow! The picture of all the kids with the wagon is so cute it reminds me of when I was a kid my mom would load us four girls (b4 Angelo) in the wagon and go to the grocery store. What was she thinking. Prestin you're looking cool on the scooter!
    I love you guys!
    Miss you!
    Nana (Renee)

  2. What a great picture of Prestin pulling the girls. CUTE! Yvonne called you Martha Stewart the other night and I think she's right. Your garden is beautiful. Love you all!

  3. Dear Ash & Danielle, TOTALLY CUTE FAMILY! Prestin is the best big brother ever. Every time I think of you guys I hug you in my heart! I saw that saying in a card the other day & it expresses my feeling exactly. Congrats on the new Farley! I am you biggest champion. Love MOM. P.S. license plate idea, BZBZMOM


Always happy to hear from you!

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