Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I'm Back!

Okay, I know I'm in trouble for not blogging for awhile. So this will be the longest blog in the history of blogs. Where do I start? Well first of all Zippie is back home safe and sound, thank God! He had been missing for five days and I was a wreck! That dog can get on my nerves, but I realized just how much I do love him. He went missing on a Tuesday afternoon and we got a call on Sunday from a local shelter saying that someone had just brought him in. We don't know if he had been outside that whole time(it snowed a lot one night and Prestin cried himself to sleep) or if someone had taken him in for a few days. He looked great and wasn't hurt at all. He was happy to see us too! So through all this chaos we also decided to adopt a cat for Tatum(her cat Princess Sarah Sweetie Pie had run away a couple of days before we left Arizona). Her name is Pepper and is the sweetest cat, just a perfect addition to our family.Zippie and Pepper are not friends yet so Pepper lives upstairs for now. He'll come around. We have been painting the girls' rooms so that's another reason for not blogging. I'll post before and after pics when we're done. Thanksgiving was great, nice and relaxing. I started cooking about ten o'clock and was done by two. It was delicious and we had tons of leftovers.
It has snowed a couple of times. This picture is what we woke up to one morning, it melted a couple hours later. And then all of a sudden it started snowing really hard. Here's a pic of the snowman Ash and the kids made. We got about three to four inches that actually stuck. It stayed until ten o'clock that night and was gone by morning(that's the night Zippie was gone). It snowed like that once more and melted again and it's just been cold ever since. It's in the thirties here and surprisingly I'm loving it. I have found that I love to wear jackets and scarves and seeing the kids all bundled up. It's very Christmasy(I know that's not a real word).We went to Ashley's Christmas party last Saturday and had a really nice time, I also went to a Women's Christmas Brunch at my church, that was a lot of fun as well. The tree is up and the lights are hung outside, it's been really magical for the kids. They're so excited! We miss everyone very much, but are also excited to start some new traditions this year. We can't wait to see what the new year will bring! So anyways I'll leave you with some cute pictures of the kids. We love you!

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